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WaterRower rowing machines are functional fitness furniture, designed not to be hidden like other ugly fitness equipment, but to admire in your living room or fitness studio. Stored upright, no wider than a dining room chair, these rowing machines can easily be used for a fast indoor rowing exercise session. These wooden rowing machines with water resistance are made in the United States with certified hardwood. WaterRower strives to produce rowing machines with a stylish design and built to last, while maintaining their commitment to environmental friendliness.

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About WaterRower

waterrower watertank
With water as a resistance element, real rowing is simulated in a true-to-life manner. The resistance level changes due to the muscles' effort in relation to the speed of the boat; the harder you row, the more resistance you generate.
s4 monitor waterrower
The minimalist S4 Performance monitor can be connected to a PC or MAC with which our free software We-Row can be used. It displays your data clearly and at a glance while rowing.
Store away waterrower
Store Away
No other rowing machine can be stored as easily as the WaterRower. Due to its low weight, it is very easy for everyone to place the device upright. The wheels make it possible to move the device effortlessly.
rails and Feet
The robust feet are made of high quality rubber, protect your floor and its anti-slip, which ensures that the WaterRower remains stable. The rails are optionally also available in an XL version (for body length from 2 m)
footboard Waterrower
The footboard of the WaterRower offers maximum flexibility and an optimum rowing position. It ensures a correct position of the feet and ensures perfect power transmission. The ergonomic footrests are individually height adjustable.
waterrower seat
The seat moves easily and almost silently over the rails during rowing. The body weight is evenly distributed over the rails. The ergonomically shaped section relieves the tailbone.

We-Row Software

waterrower we row

WaterRower rowing-software

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Rowing / races
Row online against other WaterRower owners worldwide.

Training Data
Your rowing data is stored online and is always available.

Compatible Supported by various operating systems: Mac OS, Windows, Linux.
Connect your WaterRower. Ready. To go! Register and row for free.

A live and streamlined dashboard shows upcoming races and online rowers for an invitation.
Additional functions will follow ... *

Download  We-Row

WaterRower Workout works with 84% of your muscle mass

The rowing stroke of the WaterRower uses 84% of the muscle mass. From the fingertips that hold the handle to the footboard, all the muscles between these two points contribute to the rowing stroke. The WaterRower is unrivaled in the combustion / intensity that is obtained per unit of time. Other ordinary aerobic exercise equipment such as treadmills, bikes, cross trainers, even other rowing machines, use much less muscle mass, burn fewer calories and generate a less effective workout.

Water Resistance

The beating heart of the WaterRower is its water tank, with its ergonomic paddle design it enables maximum stroke through water, resulting in an even, smooth and jerk-free resistance. The Water resistance precisely adjusts to the individual movement and strength input of the rower. In real rowing, the boat moves through the water based on muscular strength input, facing water’s resistance with the pull of their oars. The WaterRower rowing machine presents a true simulationof an outdoor rowing experience through its use of water as resistance.
Advantages of water resistance:

- pulling through water is gentle on your joints
- the amount of resistance is 100% self-determining
- training is calm and soothing, thanks to the pleasant, rhythmic swish of water
- water will show no signs of wear and tear- it’s indestructable

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