NOHrD W-Workx

Weight Workx NOHrD

NOHrD W-Workx - Training with Weights

With the NOHrD WeightWorkx you commit yourself to the classical training with weights.
The device can be equipped with up to 70 kg. The individual weight plates weigh 5 kg and are rubberized, it ensures a pleasantly acoustic damped training.

Train all major muscle groups individually or in combination. Legs, arms, chest and abdominals and butt will be shaped and trained,
back and joints become resilient and flexible. There are a multitude of body zones on different exercises, which are summarized in the training book.

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NOHrD Weight-Workx Excercises

Nohrd W-workx training

The benefits of weight training at a glance

rubber weights
The WeightWorkx creates a quiet training sound thanks to rubberized weight plates.
w-workx for everyone
For everyone
The numerous adjustment options and exercise variations allow for optimal training and adjustable intensities for men and women.
up to 70 kg
Up to 70 kilograms
 The Weight-workx has 14 weight plates of 5 kg each plus a 5 kg take-off weight. The combined 70 kg is more then enough to do even the most heavy excercises.
Muscle fatigue
Muscle fatigue
 The specificity of the workout provides muscle contraction throughout the entire range of motion, creating unusually heavy muscle fatigue.

All W-Workx functions at a glance

Wall bars
The wall bars provide support during strengthening, coordination and stretching exercises.

Adjust weight
With the WeightWorkx the training weight is adjusted in a classical way with the weight bar.

Protective feet
The four adjustable feet are height adjustable, so the devices are always safe even on slightly uneven ground. Your floor is protected by the rubber coating on the underside of the feet.

Guide arms - upper roller
To train with the cables, you must fold out the guide arms. The upper roller also allows exercises to the side thanks to the oblique guidance.

Lower cable
The lower cable is steered over a pivoting roller. So exercises that are carried out to the side, always supple.

The seat can be locked in two positions with the help of an iron rod. This is pushed for fixing through the corresponding holes in the wooden frame.

Lying Bench
The lying bench can be taken out of the frame with a simple handle and hung in four different positions. The legs can be adjusted at the touch of a button and locked securely.

Training book
Each WeigthWorkx is accompanied by a training book with about 100 exercises. This can be hung in the rungs so that it is easy to read at eye level.

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