NOHrD Sprintbok

Nohrd Sprintbok

NOHrD SprintBok - A trend among manual treadmills

The newest addition to NOHrD: The SprintBok The winner of the 'Concours Lépine' design, the classic SprintBok presents itself with impressive new functions. The SprintBok from NOHrD distinguishes itself from conventional treadmill aesthetics by a slender, curved shape and an elegant wooden frame. The curved manual treadmill offers users all the benefits of a self-determined running training: the belt, consisting of flexible wooden slats and precision ball bearing, is driven exclusively by the user's legs. The SprintBok from NOHrD has no speed limits and requires no settings. Stepless to use for a comfortable walk to an all-out sprint, runners can fully determine their pace based on their personal running capacity.

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Curved wooden frame

The Sprintbok from NOHrD impresses with its frame made of high-quality hardwood. The hardwood is also functional because the wood absorbs vibrations.

Curved treadmill shape

The Sprintbok integrates the modern curved treadmill shape into its design. This shape offers many benefits during training, the walking sensation is pleasant and it gives a higher training efficiency.

Stable handgrip with Touchscreen

On the elegantly curved, stable handle there is a 17.3 "touchscreen mounted for the Sprintbok app. With the performance data always clear in sight, the user can use this to include various running training sessions or" scenery runs "in the training session.

Maintanance free

The SprintBok is a maintenance-free device. In addition to regular dusting, there is no need to lubricate a tread in comparison with conventional treadmills.

Flexible Slats

The tread of the SprintBok consists of 62 movable wooden slats, chosen for the natural and durable properties, and have a linoleum finish. The flexi slats are perfect for shock absorption and offer the user an ideal surface during running training.

100% self-determining running training

The SprintBok from NOHrD is designed to immediately adapt to the power input and running style of the user. This results in a higher intensity and a 30% more effective running training compared to motorized treadmills.
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